• November 15, 2022 2:14 pm
  • India

CAG ShippingTM as a Clearing & Global Logistics Management Company, where every activity is governed by the premise of ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction through the provision of most Competitive Rates and service to the specific satisfaction of the client. We try to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade with team of responsive, highly-trained professionals and integrated information systems.

The modern day International trade poses the importers and exporters a wide range of challenges. Finding the cost effective solution to such challenges is the objective of CAG ShippingTM

CAG ShippingTM is globally associated with freight forwarders to provide door-to-door and personalized service for any type of cargo. With services as our base, technology as our tool and teamwork as driving force.

CAG ShippingTM registered office is based in New Delhi, from where all BANKING/OPERATIONS / TECHNICAL / ACCOUNTS / MARKETING / HRD / CUSTOMS – are monitored. CAG ShippingTM also acts as Customs House Clearing Agents (CHA).

CAG SHIPPINGTM is managed by persons having extensive exposure to the industry through associations with MNC’s and domestic companies. Where beaurocracy and multiple, multilevel systems were the order of the day with scant regards for the customers, have undertaken to provide services that are prompt and customer friendly.

CAG ShippingTM uses all of its resources – everyday to mee

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