• September 22, 2022 12:40 pm
  • Hong Kong, East Asia, Asia

CLARE FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED, founded in 1974 as a privately owned international freightforwarder,isdevoted to providing our clients and competitive advantage by pioneering new logistical solutions and by providingincomparableglobaltransport services to consistently deliver timely and effective results.

The Clare Group maintains a strong international presence with branches located in strategic ports worldwide. We have thesupportofover 30 Clare affiliates and select partners in 60 countries round the world. As we continue to adapt to the global economy,wewillhonor our commitment to expand our scope to upcoming import/export traffic areas. Clare’s investment in developing areliableandefficient network keeps us one step ahead of our competitors.

Clare has established its presence in the United States and in Asia to serve as a portal for international shipments. Fordecades,wehave been facilitating the exchange of goods between the two nations.

Clare’s extensive global coverage allows us to boast a flexible range of services. When it comes to customizing logisticsonaninternational scale, our clients have more options. Within our network, we can help you design the best course of actionaroundyourconstraints whether it is distance, time or cost.

Main Services: Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Solutions, Logistics Providers, Warehousing, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Road transportation, lcl, fcl

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