• September 14, 2022 3:57 pm
  • France, Europe

Your freight gate in France 

A family-run company created in 1950, Mathez Freight Forwarding has become a major independent freight forwarding company in France. We possess a “Full AEO” status granted by the EU, and are listed within the top 25 of IATA agents in France.

We provide a full coverage of France and Monaco territory for airfreightseafreightcustoms brokerage, and offer specialist services for art logistics, events & exhibitions, yacht services, as well as Customs and VAT compliance.

With interesting containers volumes, Mathez Freight has reached a unique position, where buying power meets with flexibility. When others think “bigger is better” for profit optimization, Mathez has a long term cooperation vision focused on customers, partners and generally speaking,  people. In other words, we provide customized solutions at best prices.

Our Main Services:
Transport management / Air Freight / Sea freight / Road haulage
Customs broker
Storage / Packing
Dangerous goods management
Supply & distribution management and optimization
Port agent, management of cargo and cruise ships
Registration of yachts and vehicles

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