• September 16, 2022 8:15 am
  • South Korea, East Asia, Asia

Ocean Maritime Co., Ltd (OMC) has been working with worldwide shipping companies in the field of project cargoes, special cargoes and heavy/lengthy cargoes over 25 years. Our staff members specialize in careful planning/arranging the most efficient and reasonable transportation route for our clients.
OMC did not only worked as a freight forwarding company but also contributed to the whole logistics industry by opening the traffic of Trans China Railway (TCR) to the world.
Our CEO, J.B. Park, persuaded C.I.S. countries to develop an efficient transportation route for international trading. With his invincible passion and his belief, “World with Korea”, J.B. Park first worked on the diplomatic relationship with China then opened the ocean freight route from Busan to Lianyungang, China. On August 17th, 1994, after many years of international meetings and persuasive negotiation with C.I.S. countries’ government, China Railway finally opened their traffic to the international market.

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