• January 4, 2023 11:49 am

OsaCargo is a freight forwarding company in Latvia which operates all around Europe. But mainly in Northern Europe. International freight transport services.

Our company according to its competence realizes high-quality freight transport (Auto Freight Transport ). If necessary, and in some specific cases, prepare the laws and regulations provided by the freight documents relating to cooperate with the competent authorities of other countries in the freight sector. Documents faster and more secure we use the exchange of electronic documents circulation system, using electronic signatures, in consultation with other institutions.

Freight transport is carried out under contract by which the carrier undertakes to deliver the goods at the destination assigned to the sender and the recipient to be issued without cargo damage or disappearance, but the shipper agrees to pay for the freight, ensuring mutual trust.

Listening to a variety of customer suggestions and considering their wishes, it was concluded that the priority being evaluated for safety reasons offered by freight services, which have thrown a great deal of attention by offering quality and safety regulations appropriate techniques appropriate for the type of cargo on and meet sanitary standards . Our company through many years of experience gained from working on ways to create new alternatives to better and more reliable service. Transportation of OsaCargo (Fast Freight Transport ).

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